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It is not enough to have a property portfolio, you must also know how to make it profitable and guarantee its durability. And that, in addition to skills, takes a lot of time…

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Property rental management tailored to your needs

What is a real estate manager ?

This profession is often referred to as "manager, administrator,... ". It is a professional who works on behalf of an owner. He or she is responsible for managing and ensuring the profitability of the property. Unlike condominium manager, the real estate manager works only for one owner, which allows him to better understand the expectations and projects of his clients. This manager takes care of your property from A to Z.

What do we manage?

  • A house
  • A villa
  • An flat in a condominium
  • An investment property
  • An offices building

What do we offer?

We represent you; and do everything an owner should do.

We commit ourselves to :

  • Putting the property up for rent and putting it back up for rent

We seek the tenants. Our agency is well placed for both new leases as well as for renewals. We select for you candidate tenants and try to choose the most correct one so that the renting of your entity goes as well as possible and avoid any bad surprises. We do the visits and the publicity shots for social media and internet.

We take care of the drafting of the leases and include the necessary clauses in order to avoid any pitfalls or drafting errors and thus avoid endless conversations at the end of the lease with your outgoing tenant. We respect all the official rules and regulations that must be present in this type of document.

  • Monitoring of rental payments

We keep individual accounts for each entity and ensure that the rent is collected from the various tenants. We send out any payment reminders, indexations,...

  • Supervision of work

When renovating or refurbishing a unit, we call on the services of qualified tradesmen with whom we are used to working. We monitor the progress of the work and try to negotiate and find the best prices.

  • Handling of maintenance

When maintenance is required in the building, we will arrange for the appropriate company to carry it out. We notify all tenants by mail/phone and visit the property to ensure that the work is carried out correctly.

  • Contact with tenants in the event of a dispute

We will represent you with the tenants and deal with problems if they arise! We will report this to you in the monthly reports or letters for exceptional disputes. It goes without saying that we need your opinion. We always act in consultation with you.

  • Inventory of fixtures and fittings

We call on competent and approved experts to carry out the inventory of fixtures of your flats. In order to avoid any contradictions at the end of the rental period.

  • Bookkeeping

We keep accounts of all your properties. We will send you a management report detailing all the rents received for the past month, as well as details of the necessary expenses that have been deducted from this amount. You will receive a calculation of the net amount that we will pay you with our fee note.

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