Putting up for sale

You are selling out your property

We put all our know-how at your service

A service from a true specialist

Firstly there's an expert approach, afterwards a quality contract. You want sell your real estate but you only have a vague idea of its value? We offer you a real expert approach to the valuation of your property during which we analyze your property under all possible angles: aesthetics, technique, accordance with market tendencies, legal and taxation, its strong points and possible weaknesses. At a later stage, and if you desire such, we will present our services.

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Tailor-made services

These are based on :

  • Technical, commercial and financial competencies
  • Modern and powerful tools for research and management such as :
  • Laser distance reader
  • Non-destructive humidity meter
  • A speciality data processing programme for real estate management allowing precise matches between supply and demand as well as a complete day-to-day follow-up of all files
  • An extensive communication to target markets through a number of web portals, virtual visits and adequate media coverage appropriate to the specificities of each property
  • A strong sense of workmanship and integrity.!

A real estate agent is not there just to give you a value, he or she must put all his or her know-how at your service to both find a buyer and also ensure that the transaction is legally secure and in your best interests. Finally, we will explain what we mean by a quality contract. Contact us, a meeting is better than all the explanations.

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