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A tailor-made rental service

Renting means committing your property, your investment, to a contract of trust. And for there to be trust, the foundations must be solid. So, in addition to assessing the rental value and finding a tenant for your property, we will provide you with very detailed leases, hands-on solutions as to dealing with possible disputes, some solutions on guarantee issues both to the benefit of the tenant and of the owner. It is often in the way of managing the rental entry that small mistakes lead to big problems. We set up a simple and very effective procedure for you to ensure that "everything goes smoothly". In all our leases, we ensure that before the tenant takes possession of the property, the rental guarantee has been set up, the inventory of fixtures has been carried out by an independent expert, the insurance has been taken out and the first month's rent has been paid.

As with the sale, we offer you a quality contract in which you will see that we are committed to service. Contact us, this is only binding on us.

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