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Buying your house or flat is, for most of you, a big step into the unknown. It's a "real obstacle course", generating as much joy as disillusionment and frustration. How many times have we heard that a property has passed you by because someone else had dared to do something you didn't feel capable of doing, mainly because of a lack of information and fear of falling into a bad trap! How often do we see buyers finally disappointed to have bought a property that will cost them more than expected or that turns into a nest of trouble! Turning their previous dreams into today's nightmares.

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A real obstacle course

That is to say, buying the property of your life often involves being able to step back from all the emotion you are projecting into it and keep a cool head while making a quick decision. This can only be done with a true awareness of what you are buying and what it will involve.

As a result of meeting prospective buyers who were a little lost and became very wary, we developed a formula for accompanying the acquisition. The idea being that an appraisal report generally answers only one question: how much is it worth! Let's not even talk about a bank valuation... it only assesses the bank's risk. But you are left with your questions! Our approach is characterised by its great flexibility, its ability to listen, its speed, while taking the time necessary to answer your questions and advise you on the various aspects of your project: cost of the acquisition, budget for the work, pathology of the building, administrative procedures...

We strive to maintain this service at the cost of a classic expertise...

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