An art to be handled independently

Experience and hindsight

As the name suggests, expertise is first and foremost a matter of experience. Our expertise is focused on brokerage. As a result, our valuation department specialises in establishing values. With the advantage of offering an independent view of a property from a professional who is in the market, not just an observer of the market. We have a definite advantage in our core business of feeling the pulse of the market every day during each visit to a property we offer for sale or rent. We are therefore ahead of the classic comparison points which reflect a market reality of at least 6 months ago. Nowadays, the market evolves faster and in a less linear way than before.

When you want to sell your real estate property there is still this traditional reflex to call upon several real estate agencies for free estimates. Two problems arise then. Estimations free of charge firstly and most certainly do not guarantee any reliability as to the given value. And, the short evaluation time creates unmistakably an inaccuracy of sorts. An expert inspection of a property as well as the analysis of the different documents in this respect demand time. Then again, this method free of charge really does not offer any real independence. If it's free, it's primarily to present its services and try to get one more mission. With all the drifts that this can imply in terms of consensualism.

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A mechanism that guarantees our independence without really costing you…

It is certainly important for you to be able to rely on an estimated value. When we value your property, you keep a record of it. We provide you with a valuation report that includes the characteristics of your property from a technical and legal point of view. This is followed by an analysis of its position in the market. What makes it attractive, what makes it unattractive and our advice on how to best value it. Finally, we give you its value and advice on a marketing strategy adapted to your particular situation. Far from making you dream, our report will really help you to make an informed decision. The fact that our valuation costs are systematically deducted from any brokerage fees at the end of the assignment is a guarantee of free service. As a result, you have both a guarantee of independence at the outset, with total freedom to call on a broker or not, and a free valuation once we have satisfied you.

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