Our philosophy

This article from Members Only magazine (in French) sums up our history and philosophy much better than we could:

Best partner :

Real estate as a human adventure

Since its creation, Best Partner immobilier has taken a less materialistic view of real estate. The group's two agencies, in Tubize and Brussels, are now specialised in medium and high-end properties.

Written by Michel Thibaut

The birth of Best Partner Real Estate is the work of one man: Jacques Weinberg. His multidisciplinary skills in the legal, fiscal, commercial and technical fields led him to embark on an adventure that perfectly matched his aspirations for independence and self-realisation. In our first phase, the Best Partner agency was established in Tubize, along the Chaussée de Mons. Very quickly, Jacques Weinberg had what he described as a "magical" encounter with Jean-Axel Jung. "First he became my first collaborator," he recalls. "Then he became my friend and partner and played an important role in the development of Best Partner. Since 2003, he has been in charge of the Brussels office. Located on Rue du Monastère in the Ponds district of Ixelles, it is the Brussels counterpart of the original agency.

Medium and high end

But there are many estate agencies in Belgium. To stand out from the competition and offer a more targeted service to its clients, Best Partner decided, four years after its launch, to concentrate on a particular type of property: the middle and upper end of the market. The objective is also to no longer confine itself to one neighbourhood or another but to cast a wider net, while remaining in a better defined segment. "Jean-Axel and I realised that if we wanted to exploit all our skills and move towards quality rather than quantity - without forgetting our affinity for the 'beautiful' - we had to specialise in a more upscale market segment. This trend allows us to offer a service of real specialists who master the specificities of their sector. There is a very specific clientele and approach for high-end villas, properties and flats. In order to implement the new strategy, various areas of work and means to be implemented are defined: use of the most effective tools at the service of customers, such as immersive virtual visits of properties in 3D, communication carried out in the truest and most qualitative way possible, in-depth knowledge of the products put up for sale, action taken as a specialist rather than a generalist, no territorial limits within the defined niche, permanent training...

Supporting customers

All these elements allow Best Partner Immobilière to put its know-how at the service of a more noble goal than money, the sinews of war that are often blamed on the corporation. "What is more important is to know why we sell. Over time, we asked ourselves what play we were in for our customers. Although obvious, one thing became clear to us that changed our approach: our clients come to us because their lives are changing. The sale of their property is a consequence of this change. So we have to be there to support them in this process and facilitate the transition from one place to another. With all that this change can imply in terms of resistance, adaptation, fears and doubts. Selling and buying is above all a human adventure," explains Jacques Weinberg.

Real estate services are increasingly subject to constraints that are often complicated for the client to assimilate, and even more difficult to put into practice. At Best Partner, we are working to relieve the client of the administrative burden that now accompanies the sale of a property, in order to reassure him and put him in the best possible conditions when making his choice. "Advice has never been so important. We aim to achieve excellence, consistency, respect for others, honesty towards ourselves and others, with the beauty of the gesture as well. The beauty of the gesture: golf has made this its motto since its creation in Scotland in the 18th century. It is therefore only natural that Best Partner has recently invested in the sport of St Andrews through the Members Only Golf Tour, a private competition reserved for partners of the quarterly and their guests. "The sport embodies our values and encourages personal challenge and improvement, while promoting genuine encounters and mutually fruitful business," concludes Jacques Weinberg. Closing a real estate deal by cultivating the art of the (near-perfect) swing, what more could you want?